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Sun Lakes Golden Ticket

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our endorsed candidates for office in the coming primary election. This is just the Primary election so this will be a limited list of races and candidates. We believe these candidates will do what's best for our city, our county, and our state.

Endorsed Primary Candidates

We would not normally endorse candidates for these races, but these candidates were vetted by our organization over a lengthy question and answer session. Their race is an actual Primary Election. Should they win in the primary, they will face the winners of other primaries in the General Election.

Don Hiatt -
Maricopa County Recorder

Don is a husband of 30 years and father of three children and three grandchildren. He is a fourth generation Arizonan, born and raised in Douglas, and then moved to Tempe/Mesa in the 1970's.

Don has over 35 years of Information Management Technology Experience to go along with a degree in Quality Management. He's won awards for his work, holds a patent for digital filing, and has published papers on technical matters related to documents, digital images and storage, and more. 

Don will ensure every legal vote is counted, election laws are followed, and voters are protected from election fraud.

Mark Stewart - Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 1

Mark and his wife of 30 years live in Chandler, and they have two grown children. He's a small business owner and currently serving as a Chandler City Councilman. As a Councilman, he has been a strong advocate for increased police presence and fair pay for officers. As the District 1 representative to the  MC Board of Supervisors, he's committed to increasing the number of Deputies at the Sheriffs Department so that the county can have a chance to experience the same level of public safety that Chandler has the past several years.  

And because Maricopa County elections have been under scrutiny since 2016, Mark wants to move the county back to precinct voting, establish a secure chain of custody for ballots, and remove the drop boxes. His goal is to create one of the safest and most secure election systems in the country that will retore trust and integrity to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and our elections.

CUSD Bond Issue

With only one dissenting vote, the Chandler Unified School District advanced a school bond that's almost a half a Billion Dollars! it is almost double the largest debt ever for the district. And Chandler actually has a declining student population. One of the members, Barb Mozdzen actually said that they were asking for more than they needed... just in case. Are we now expected to approve slush funds for the district? This is why we must Vote No on the bond.

Also, we will be endorsing School Board candidates after the primary. We must get family friendly, common sense members back on our school board.

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