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Voter Links & Information

You "landed" on this page is because you opened the QR Code on back of a Precinct Committeemen's LD13 Business card. Here you will find links and information for Arizona Voters in our District. 


Arizona Candidates are required to obtain a minimum number of signatures to have their names appear on the ballot. Voters that wish to support candidates can sign a petition using the E-Qual system. No more signing those candidate petition forms, IF you even see someone collecting signatures for your candidate!

Also, Did you know that online signatures through Equal can't be challenged like paper petitions?   CLICK HERE!


Your Vote is Your Voice!

Service Arizona and AZ MVD provide a portal for online voter registration. This link opens at language selection. Simply follow the prompts to register to vote. If you need assistance, please contact our 3rd Vice Chair.


Locate your Voting Precinct

To locate your Voting Precinct, enter the required information on this page. The results information does not insure you are registered to vote but will show Congressional, Legislative, School districts and other information.


Interactive Elections Maps

MC Recorders Office Elections Department interactive map to locate your districts on a map. Begin by changing the LAYERS to display the desired districts you wish to see. Congressional, Legislative, Supervisory, Schools and even Zip-codes can be displayed on this map.


Attend a Meeting or Event

This link takes you to the CALENDAR page on our website where you can see upcoming meetings and events. Our meetings are open to Republican Precinct Committeemen and Approved Guests. Guest RSVPs will insure a smooth check-in at the Credentialing Table. Please do come to a meeting!


Access Your MCRC Resouces

The NEW MCRC website provides all the information and resources that any Republican could need to be an informed voter or to get involved and become a Precinct Committeeman (PC). PCs are the backbone of the political process.

City of Chandler Logo.png

Influence City Leaders

This link will take you to the City Government page where you'll find useful information about the cities elected officials, city management and municipal departments. If you have an issue you'd like to discuss, you can contact Mayor and all of the City Council using this email:  response. 


Influence Town Leaders

This link takes you to the Mayor and Town Council page where you'll find all the information about those elected members of the Town government. There you'll find the agendas and minutes of prior meetings. And if you wish, you may email them all at:

AZ GOP be a pc.png

Don't just join the Republican Party, Influence it... as a PC! Precinct Committeemen are the parties neighborhood leaders. This site tells you all about being a PC. PCs may attend state, county and district meetings to hear from Electeds, Candidates and other political influencers.


Election Guidance

Voters do well to educate themselves about many candidates, but it's difficult to know who is the best candidate for every contest on the ballot.  LD13 will create a GOLDEN TICKET that will list our preferred candidates for the General Election.  However, we WILL NOT release our candidates list until AFTER the Primary Election.

The exception being for races that will be decided in the Primary... an example being the City Elections. We will list those candidates at the appropriate time.

This link will not be active until there are candidates to list.

Social Media Pages

Use these links to find us and interact on all our social media pages.

Use the menu at the top of this page to access our full website.

NOTE:  You must have a login for the application selected.

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